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Stephan Machinery (Germany) - as a world-leading manufacturer of process technologies, we offer our clients customized solutions ranging from the single machines to complete lines. Based in Hameln, we focus on turnkey solutions and process knowledge, exporting globally over 85% of our products. STEPHAN machines offer a wide range of functions such as cutting, fine cutting, mixing, stirring, kneading, making purees, emulsifying, (indirect and direct) heating and/or cooling and vacuum processing and is well regarded for the proven all-in-one processes.


Hot Batch Processing

Stephan Machinery Universal Machines, standard

The STEPHAN Universal Machines features exceptional versatility. All machining steps are carried out in accordance with the proven STEPHAN principle: each process is completed in one machine (one machine) and the power of the main motor is passed directly to the tool - no gears required! The interaction of the rotating tool, the counter-acting scraper arm and the special bowl geometry allows for optimal machining of the product in the shortest possible time.

UMC 5UM 12UM 24 EUM 44 EUM 74 E
Bowl contentlitres51230455
Batch sizekg0.5-2.52-77-1818-3030-55
Working temperature°C9595959595


Chocolate filling, dough, fruit filling, marzipan, wafer filling, baby food, dipping sauce / pesto, seasoning, hummus, ketchup, mayonnaise, meat chop, ready-to-eat food, dairy dessert, spread, processed cheese, etc.

Stephan Machinery Universal Machines, industrial

The STEPHAN Universal Machines are compact and highly flexible process units. They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionary: from mixing and chopping, emulsifying and vacuum deaeration to direct heating and indirect heating and cooling.

TypeUM 70UM 130UM 200
Bowl contentl70130200
Processing temperature, max.°C9595/12595/125
Batch sizel30–5550–9080–170
Product capacity (depending on product)l/h30–33050–54080–1020


Chocolate filling, dough, fruit filling, marzipan, wafer filling, baby food, dipping sauce / pesto, seasoning, hummus, ketchup, mayonnaise, meat chops, ready meals, dairy dessert, spread, sauce, processed cheese, etc.

Stephan Machinery Cook-It

The compact STEPHAN COOK-IT has been designed for classical ready meal production.

TypeCI 400CI 800CI 1200
Batch size(l) approx.4008001200
Product capacity (depending on product)(l/h) approx.200–800400–1600800–2400
Pressure max., double jacket(bar) max.4/104/104/10
Processing temperature, max.°C959595


All kinds of ready meals, soup/ stew, chunky cheese, simulated cheese, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.

Stephan Machinery Combitherm

The STEPHAN Combitherm consists of a tilted processing container with high speed tools and additional mixing elements for a wide range of applications. Cutting under vacuum conditions, dispersion and emulsification can be supplemented by the well-known economical STEPHAN direct steam injection technology.

TypeCT 800CT 1200
Batch size(l) approx.8001200
Product capacity (depending on product)(l/h) approx.400–3200600–4800
Processing temperature, max.°C95/12595/125


Pesto, sauce, soup, hummus, ketchup, mayonnaise, minced meat, sausage, puree, baby food, spreads, processed cheese, wafers, candy filling, etc

Stephan Machinery Vacutherm

The STEPHAN Vacutherm® System is a compact process unit. It has been designed mainly for the production of convenience food. Several process steps are combined in one machine for both liquid and solid ingredients.

TypeV-MC 401V-MC 801V-MC 1201
Batch size(l) approx.4008001200
Product capacity (depending on product)(l/h) approx.200–1600400–3200600–4800
Homogenizer type (Rotor-Stator)singleMV 15MV 150MV 150
Homogenizer type (Rotor-Stator)doubleMVD 15MVD 150MVD 150
Processing temperature, max.°C95/11095/11095/110


Baby food, condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, soup, stew, sauce, spread, ready-to-eat food, chocolate filling, fruit filling, liquid dough, processed cheese, dairy dessert, etc.

Stephan Machinery SAM® – STEPHAN Aseptic Multitherm

SAM® is a compact designed, multifunctional processing unit which is able to generate aseptic working conditions. The multifunctional processing unit is made for „high-end“ production processes and products.

TypeSAM 150SAM 400SAM 800
Batch sizel150400800
Product capacity (depending on product)l approx.150–600400–1600800–3200
Processing temperature, max.°C max.130130130


Baby food, pureed food, soup/stew, sauce, fruit filling, dairy dessert, etc. 

Fine Cutting

Stephan Machinery Microcut

The STEPHAN Microcut machines are compact and easy to use. The unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine. The Microcut MC machines with one cutting set are designed for small and medium throughput capacities and require a small floor space in the factory. They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of meat masses for sausage production, fine pate, puree and similar fine and smooth products in the meat and convenience industry. The STEPHAN Microcut Machines all share one important characteristic: versatility!


Baby food, dipping sauce / pesto sauce, condiments, candy reprocessing, dough rework, fruits and vegetables, nut pastes, etc.

Stephan Machinery TC Combicut

The STEPHAN Combicut TC combines several process steps in one machine. These are cutting, mixing, dispersing, heating, cooling, degassing and emulsification. The horizontally placed mixing drum is the basis of the machine.

TypeTC 300TC 400TC 600TC 850
Batch sizel100 bis 220130 bis 280200 bis 420300 bis 580
Product capacity (depending on product)l/h approx.bis 1200bis 1500bis 2700bis 3600
Processing temperature, max.°C95959595


Dough, nut paste, marzipan, wafer biscuit, processed cheese, cheese products, butter products, etc.

Stephan Machinery UHT Systems

The STEPHAN UHT system is designed for continuous UHT processing and extends the shelf life of all processed cheeses. UHT systems are capable of handling processed cheeses ranging from low to high viscosity.

TypeUHT 1000UHT 3000UHT 6000
Product capacity (depending on product)l125–500500–20001000–4000
Processing temperature, max.°C145145145


All kinds of processed cheese: spreadable, block cheese, IWS (individual wrapped slices), SOS (slice on slice), etc. 


ProCIP Modules - Cleaning In Place

Automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP) of production line without dismantling!

Your advantages:

  • Efficient and flexible cleaning with minimized downtimes
  • Lower personnel costs and reduced material costs due to chemical control
  • Perfect compliance of cleaning parameters (e.g. flow rate, concentration, temperature)
  • Easily customized, adaptable and transportable


  • ProCIP-routing
  • ProCIP-single
  • ProCIP-recovery