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Terlet (Netherlands) – With more than 100 years of history, the technology covers mixing, cooking, cooling, sterilization, filling and other process steps. Its special scraper heat exchanger design makes it perfect for high viscosity (high sugar, high-starch) products, non-destructive rapid heating and cooling treatment of large-grain products, such as Caska sauce, sandwich sauce production, yogurt large fruit sterilization, sauce production.


Terlet Terlotherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Many prepared foods and other products prevent optimal (food) heat transfer because of their consistency. For example, food containing large particles, viscous and crystalline products can quickly block or foul certain types of scraped surface heat exchangers. The Terlotherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger ensures a satisfactory, trouble-free heat transfer.

Terlotherm TypeHeat exchange area m2Annular product space mmTotal Height mmFootprint m2Maximum pressure product area bargMaximum pressure medium area barg
Delta Lab0.3309250.5104
Delta 500.55012501.0106
Delta 1001.05015671.0106
Delta 1501.55020571.0106
Delta 2002.05023791.0106
Delta 4504.55025361.410/156
Delta 7007.05032051.4106


Sauces, condiments, salsa, soup, humus, condensed milk, cheese spread, tofu, yogurt fruit filling, pie filling, vegetable/fruit filling, jam, fac cream, caramel, fondant, tacos, hua Cakes, sausages, mashed potatoes, lotions, creams, candle waxes, and more.

ProTEM Module - Terlet Terlotherm SSHE Temperature Control

Ensure the perfect temperature of your product with the Terlet Terlotherm SSHE (scraped surface heat exchanger)!

Your advantages:

  • Reliable temperature control
  • Efficient energy management
  • Continuous and gentle cooling and/or heating of the product with simultaneous removing from heat transfer surface


  • ProTEM - Terlet Terlotherm SSHE (scraped surface heat exchanger)

Pre-Mixing & Buffering

Terlet Processing vessels

Terlet develops and builds a broad range of processing vessels, such as (stainless) mixing tanks, cooking and cooling tanks, cooking and cooling vessels. The processing vessels range from 50 up to 50.000 litres with many customer specific options possible.

MMR tank - top drivenHeating and mixing - suitable for fruit products, soups, sauces, ragouts, dairy products, creams, etc. 800-6,000 litres
Fermentation tankFermentation and culturing - suitable for dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.800-40,000 litres
Cooking vessel - top drivenCooking - suitable for sauces, soups, ready-to-eat foods, pie fillings, etc.50-2,000 litres
Cooling container - bottom drivenCooling - for sauces, soups, ready-to-eat foods and pie fillings1,000-5,000 litres
Crystallization tankCrystallization of whey powder - suitable for the production of lactose1,000-40,000 litres
Horizontal containerGentle blending during buffering - suitable for soups, sauces and fruit products, the relative density of ingredients varies widely 500-5,000 litres
Maxxitherm Coil tankConcentration of high viscosity liquids, such as starch based fruit preparations1.000-2,500 litres
Donut tankConcentration of low viscosity liquids like pectin based jams and marmelades500-1,500 litres


Every vessel type has a specific range of products: ranging from liquid to highly viscous products. 

Terlet Processing lines

Terlet serves customers by designing and building production lines in the food industry. We offer turnkey solutions or sub-projects with a focus on fruit processing or soups and sauces, ready-to-eat foods and lotions.

Terlet serves customers by designing and building production lines in the food industry. We offer turnkey solutions or sub-projects with a focus on fruit processing or soups and sauces, ready-to-eat foods and lotions.

Product -tailored to your specific needs
Mayonnaise, condiments and ketchup
Soups and cooked sauces
Products like marmelades and jams
Fruit preparations

ProVES Module - Buffering & Storage

Perfect buffering and dosing of your ingredients!

Your advantages:

  • Flexible tank sizes for expandable production capacities
  • Small footprint for minimal space requirement
  • Modular design for plug´n´play operations
  • Easily customized, adaptable and transportable


  • ProVES - 500 / 600
  • ProVES - 800 / 1000
  • ProVES - 1200 / 1500
  • ProVES - 1800 / 2000


Terlet Vacuum-gassing systems

Vacuum and gassing helps in the preservation of materials and thus increasing the shelf life. Terlet has been developing vacuum-gassing systems for more than 60 years.

Equipment capacity (per vacuum chamber per minute)

1250 mm cpm1700 mm cpm
Can Ø 99 mm4243
Can Ø 127 mm2242
Can Ø 153 mm1729
Can Ø 189 mm1020


Milk powder

Terlet Van Meurs® Bag-in-Box filling

For many years Van Meurs has been one of the leading Bag-in-Box producers. Van Meurs has an outstanding reputation and an impressive reference list in the field of Bag-in-Box systems. Van Meurs Bag-in-Box systems have a high output. As a result of this increased output the handling cost per litre of product is very low compared to other systems.

TypeB100 (BIB)B200C (BIB)B200 BIDB400 (BID)
CharacteristicsSingle head, semi-automaticSingle head, semi-automaticSingle head, semi-automaticSingle head, fully automatic
Filling capacitylitres2-1,0002-1,000approx. 200 kg2-25


Concentrates, dairy products (ice mix, cream, milk, condensed milk), fruit products (juice, purees, jams and concentrates), liquid egg products (whole egg, egg white, egg yolk), post-mix and syrup, water, soy, sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup), baked goods, etc.