About ProXES

Combining market leaders in process technology!

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We create synergies for FrymaKoruma AG, STEPHAN Machinery and Terlet BV. Our strong brands offer most innovative processing equipment for food processing, pharmaceutical and health-care industry.


By providing state-of-the-art solutions that go beyond our customers´ expectations, we are building a prosperous sustainable future for all our associates while living up to the traditions of our brands. At ProXES we take tremendous pride in our successful past and present accomplishments. We work relentlessly to have this sense of achievement continue into the future.


We at ProXES are the most experienced, credible and innovative partner to the word-wide processing industries.


From standard solutions to outstanding customized applications, the ProXES brands stand for a transparent, reliable and solid engineering partnership that can last a lifetime.

ProXES - stands for PROcessing and eXpert Engineering Services

Our ProXES history

The ProXES Group has been founded in 2014, when Stephan Machinery and FrymaKoruma joint forces.

Stephan Machinery and FrymaKoruma do not only have strong reputations within the Food, Pharmaceutical and Health Care technologies; they also see an excellent addition to their previous applications and their market presence in the future.

As from 1st July 2015 ProXES Group acquired Dutch Processing Equipment Manufacturer Terlet N.V. to enlarge the group product portfolio. Terlet is well-known for its components and systems for liquid food and dairy processing, such as the highly competitive heat exchanger Terlotherm®.

Now, Stephan Machinery, FrymaKoruma and Terlet head into a shared future with the common goal of leading the worldwide expertise for batch-centered and continuous processing Technology!

By using the synergies of our ProXES Group companies, we are able to provide full line processing concepts that cover ALL production steps. We are your one-stop-service partner!

ProXES Executive Board

With our strong management team, we are looking together 4WARD to a bright future!

Matthias Nagy
Chief Executive Officer

Occupying various Executive Board positions, Mr. Nagy gained outstanding knowledge in corporate strategy and operation as well as in controlling, finance and taxation. His working experience of over 20 years in mechanical engineering fits perfectly to the business operating areas of the ProXES Group.

Dr. Wolfgang Bednar
Chief Operations Officer

Being a senior executive with long-term international experience in all strategic and operational segments, Dr.-Ing. Bednar joined our company STEPHAN Machinery in 2015 as a Managing Director. During that time, he was responsible for all operational activities at STEPHAN Machinery.

Fredrik Jönsson
Chief Sales Officer

Before moving to the ProXES Group, he held various international management positions at mechanical and plant engineering companies for food processing. Being a proven international industry expert with more than 20 years of working experience, he is leading successfully the entire ProXES sales organisation.